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The purpose of life is to be all

you can be. Never stop growing..

What is the natural state of the human being? It is the state of being oneself.

A human being is created in order to be himself. The state of being oneself is the easiest and most natural state of the human being.

to be yourself, you have to let yourself be you.

to be is to let be.

To be is to be yourself, and to be yourself is to live out your true self or real identity. But our true identities are not something we can acquire. No one asks us what identity we would like to have. When we are born, we already have an identity. To be yourself, then, you must take over your given identity, in contrast to denying it. And to take over your identity, you have to let what is you be you. You have to let who you are be who you are. This is accomplished through the action of “letting-be.”

Letting-be is the natural relationship we have to our interior. We live out the idea of being ourselves by allowing room for all our feelings.

When we let be, we allow whatever is inside of us just to be there, without judgment.


Letting-be allows what is us to be us.

But letting-be is not simply a way of being in relationship to oneself. More deeply it is a way of living one’s life.

Generally we can live in one of two ways: We can either try to do something with ourselves, or we can let ourselves do something with us.

We can live in a goal-oriented way—I want this or that, so how do I get it?—or we can be self-oriented. What does myself want me to do? What do I find meaningful?

Letting-be ultimately is the decision to trust yourself.


Excerpted from Seeds of Wisdom, © 2013 Flo Rosof and Carl Jacobs

Available at and The Book Revue.


A peaceful world is an

ethical world.

If we all lived ethically with each other, the world would be free of mistreatment. Such a world would be a peaceful world, since no conflict would be resolved by means of violence. An ethical world

is a violence-free world.


The natural state of the
human being is the

state of being oneself.

What do we mean by the "state of being oneself"? Consider these three points:

The human being is created in order to be.

The way a being is created is called its natural state. For example,

a bird is created in order to fly, a fish in order to swim. Flying and swimming are the natural states of a bird and a fish.